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My name is Tyler and I enjoy making a lawn look as pristine as I can. I'm dependable, I take my time, and I do a thorough job-- no nagging required. My aim is to have the prettiest yards in the neighborhood so people don't hire me because I'm cheap. I have 2 college degrees, I worked at a golf course, and I've read 4 books on how to cultivate a perfect yard. I'm not an illegal immigrant or a redneck zipping around on a gigantic mower seeing how many yards can be cut in a day.


Most of my accounts consist of a comprehensive care plan so the owner has nothing to worry about. I maintain everything as if it was my own yard. Services include mowing, trimming, blowing, deweeding, fertilizing, mulching, pruning, planting, aerating, and overseeding. My territory includes Soddy Daisy, Middle Valley, Hixson and Falling Water. My average is $60 to mow, trim and blow a yard.

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